If you want to create a meaningful, thriving community, you must be uncompromising in quality control. Link dumping is just one aspect, there are many more though. If you are a new member in the Social Media communities, please make sure to read this page in it’s entirety before posting anything yourself.

If you’ve found or written an interesting article, or found something to reshare that you think the community needs to see, please share it! But we want to know why you think it’s share-worthy. Not all of us have the time or inclination to click through and see if it means anything to us personally. So write a paragraph or two (yes, paragraph, not sentence) that summarize why you were intrigued.
It’s very OK to cite your own work as examples, however this isn’t a place to shout BUY MY E-BOOK! over and over again. If you’re not sure, ask yourself this question: Will what I’m about to post encourage discussion within the community? If not, it’s spam. Please refrain from sharing outside hangouts/event/community invitations to the community as well. NO COPY PASTE POSTS FROM OTHER COMMUNITIES PLEASE!
Expect your thoughts and ideas to be challenged by others in this community. It’s how we move forward. But no ad hominem attacks allowed.
If you think we are missing a category, contact a moderator. You’ll find us pretty accommodating.
Instead of only posting something new, engage with existing posts, answer questions, +1 and comment on other posts. Don’t just broadcast to the community, be a community member. Please, no posting of your own content in the community until you interact (including commenting) on other people’s posts in the community first.
Check for duplicate news. Think to yourself, is this something that most of this community would already know? If so, then it is probably not good to post. Any articles or blog posts linked that look to be ‘spun’ (shuffled rewrites) from other sites without attribution will also be immediately removed (and possibly ridiculed).
Any posts simply asking for link trades will lead to instant ban from the community. Same goes for ANY Affiliate/MLM marketing posts (i.e. Empower Marketing, Social Media Bar, RippLn, Auto Club, Cell phone plans, etc.)
Please use real (direct) links in your posts. If you want to include a custom commercial shortlink (bit.ly, goo.gl, or ow.ly for example) for easy recall, that is fine, but attach the link to the post using the REAL URL.
English only posting please. Obviously we won’t stop you from commenting in your native tongue, as many of us can translate – but please keep posts to English as a courtesy to moderators and the fact that a vast majority of members are English speaking.

By taking part in these communities, you agree to abide by these guidelines. If you do not do so, the following actions may be taken against you or your posts:

• A request/reminder from a moderator to post appropriately in the community
• Removal of your post
• Banning from the community

In some cases, a moderator may decide to apply a higher level action against your or your posts immediately, without prior notice or warning.

Again, if you are unsure about any part of these community guidelines, please contact a moderator before posting your content, they can advise you.

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