The Past, Present and Future of Social Media – Expert Rants

Get great insight and learn valuable lessons from experts +Ben Fisher, +Andrij Harasewych, +Kristoffer Howes, +Dustin W. Stout, and +Eric Enge.

Admittedly, some of us may have been a bit cynical and negative about some of the upcoming changes and tools, but seriously, that Twitter timeline test, putting people’s posts in your stream, when you have no personal connection to them, does bother us.

Some great gems of wisdom about the importance of social media, as well as the importance of disconnecting every so often to experience life first-hand. Then you can come back with the lessons and memories and teach others.

Acquisitions and App Additions: Google, Pinterest, Facebook

Get great insight and learn valuable lessons from experts like Ben Fisher, Kristoffer Howes, Shannon Hernandez and Matthew Rappaport.


  • Google News Publishing Center
  • HTTPS is now “Out of the Closet”
  • Google Acquisitions
  • Pinterest Adds Discussion
  • Facebook Messenger wants to Take Over Your Life!
  • Google+ Spam Algorithm Issues
  • Facebook Likes No Longer Gamed by 3rd Party Apps!

Attack of the Killer Penguin Update

Get great insight and learn valuable lessons from experts like  Ben Fisher, Andrij Harasewych, Eric Enge, and Mark Traphagen, as we discuss a whole slew of topics related to SEO and Google Search. Recaps  and insights from MozCon 2014, listen in as we chat about the lack of updates on Penguin,  why we think that Google needs to adjust how they penalize those who break the rules, Twitter’s new feature for users: embedding tweets within tweets, Google’s acquisition of Twitch streaming video service for gamers, the future of social, and why Facebook and Google+ (or just Google in general) cannot be compared with one another. Needless to say… it seems we covered a lot this week.

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HOAs killed the Radio Star

Find out right from the source as we talk to Shannon Hernandez, on-air radio personality from Station 98 KUPD in Arizona. Shannon isn’t just some radio DJ, he’s also quite an expert himself at marketing, and is currently the digital marketing specialist for Hernandez Family Law, as well as spending time coaching people on using Google+ in what little spare time he likely has (seems he puts good use to his degree in education!). Read more

Google My Business, SMX 2014, Facebook Advertising

Listen to Andrij Harasewych, Mark Traphagen, Kristoffer Howes, and Nigel Ohrum talk about Social Media Expo 2014, Google My Business being launched, it’s uses and implications, and all sorts of other things, like Facebook and Google search marketing, news from Facebook regarding targeting actions of users, and more! Read more

Choosing Platforms and Professionals, Managing Time

From choosing the social media platforms your business should be on, to choosing a professional who will help you achieve all of your online marketing goals, and how to manage the little time you have left in the day, this week our experts answer the questions that you have in getting your business off the ground! Read more

It’s the End of Google+ As We Know It…. Or Not

Sit down with the owners and moderators of your favorite Social Media Communities on Google+, as they discuss the introduction of +Post ads and the surprise departure of Google+ head Vic Gundotra. The departure of Vic Gundotra from Google coupled with an incendiary rumor-based article in TechCrunch has set off a buzz across the web that Google is planning to scrap Google+ as a failed experiment. Read more

Twitter Redesign, “And Therefore” Content

Sit down with the owners and moderators of your favorite Social Media Communities on Google+, as we talk about the Twitter redesign (and how it can help your business), teaching you about “and therefore” content, a must for your strategy, and then we answer the audiences questions about, well, just about anything vaguely dealing with social media! Read more

Social Media & SEO, Hashtags, Google+ Views, SMMW 2014

It seems our discussion about Social Media and SEO turned into a debate about hashtags, but don’t worry, we did move on, covering both the Google+ Views we all saw on our profiles this past week, as well as a nice recap of Social Media Marketing World 2014 and why marketers and businesses are scrambling to get on Google Plus! Read more

Conferences, Communities, and Social Networks

This week, we sit down to talk about Search Engine Optimization and Google penalties, especially the recent ones to MyBlogGuest, about Social Media conferences like PubCon and Social Media Marketing World, some great discussion and tips for getting the most out of any conferences you attend (as well as in your everyday relationship building), and even find out where else the Social Media Hangout hosts call home on Social Media. Read more