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This is a heavily moderated/curated community talking about all possible uses of Social Media for business and promotion. This community may have one of the highest moderation bars of any community on Google+, but we do this to provide the best value for our members. Only active members may post, be sure to get active in at least one of our communities before posting yourself!


Are you a social media professional? Are you in charge of public relations or marketing for your business, or perhaps for promoting yourself? Use this community as a sounding board – talk to other professionals in the field, get advice and feedback on ideas and thoughts you may have on current, past, or future marketing campaigns, and we can have some water-cooler style chat as well, hopefully centered on the topic of social media, of course!


This is a community dedicated to discussion. No linking in posts. We welcome all discussion and questions you may have about authorship, graphic design, SEO, social media, and web design. If it is truly relevant to the discussion or question being asked, you may include a link, but remember, this community is for discussion, not back-linking or site traffic.


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